Customer Comments.


Eric, we have had steak, a roast and a stew. They have all been magnificent. The steak I overcooked, even taking into account the shorter cooking time for dry aged beef, and yet it still tasted great. The roast was wonderful, both on Christmas day and the days following. The stew - which we did make with stew meat - tasted like we'd used sirloin! We're having Bolognese this evening with some of the ground and I'm looking forward to it very much. Thank you for bringing such wonderful beef into our household!


Just wanted to let you know we love the beef we bought from you is great!  Have a happy holiday! Best,


Thanks Eric! Yesterday I marinated some stew meat and it was unbelievable!


Hi Eric, the rib steaks were very good.  We also had a chuck roast that was excellent and different recipes with the hamburger.  Very pleased with the meat, can't wait to get the freezer full in October!! 
Thanks, Pam


I read your newsletter.  I wanted to compliment you on the beef I bought last year.  We still have about 8 packages left.  It is bar none, the best beef I've ever had.  The color and texture are beautiful, the flavor is incredible (And yes, please go ahead and quote me.).  


Hi, Eric - We picked up our beef a while ago and have eaten several different cuts. We have always been well satisfied with the meat, but this one is truly exceptional! It is tender and absolutely delicious!!  Good job and thanks!!